Marumoto Sake Brewery, Okayama

Chikurin sake is brewed using self-cultivated Yamada-nishiki sake rice from fields in the region surrounding the brewery, and “Fukuryu-sui” (a famous water used in tea making, which has been served to visiting royalty) drawn from Mt. Chikurin, which stands right behind the brewery.


Chikurin sake bears many similarities with the estate-bottled wine model, wherein the brewing and rice cultivation are undertaken directly by the brewery. The brewery buildings are heritage listed with the Japanese government and feature on the label. Chikurin sake are all “junmai” style sake (meaning there is no added alcohol), showcasing the richness and soft flavour profile contributed by the rice, and creating the ultimate food-friendly sake.


Note: Modern sake - Fruit driven, Floral, Aromatic | Classic sake - Rice umami driven, Earthy, Savoury

Note: All values (SMV and Acidity) are listed at time of production and can vary slightly depending on each season or batch.