Yonezawa Sake Brewery, Nagano

Ima-nishiki sake is brewed exclusively with locally-cultivated Nagano rice, groundwater drawn from the Southern Alps, and native Nagano sake yeast. Drop by drop, Ima-nishiki sake is slowly pressed using the traditional “fune” method, creating a light and vibrant taste that has been winning awards internationally, notably at the International Wine Challenge (IWC) and Sake Selection competitions.


The tadpole is employed in their logo to celebrate the age-old tradition of using tadpoles in the rice fields as a natural means of weed and pest control. Yonezawa sake brewery also releases seasonal sake reflecting each of the four seasons, equating this with the life cycle of the many tadpoles to be found in the ”Iinuma Rice Terrace” of Nakagawa Village in Southern Nagano.


Note: Modern sake - Fruit driven, Floral, Aromatic | Classic sake - Rice umami driven, Earthy, Savoury

Note: All values (SMV and Acidity) are listed at time of production and can vary slightly depending on each season or batch.