Toshimaya Sake Brewery, Tokyo

Kinkon is the flagship brand of Toshimaya sake brewery, with the term used in commemorating Emperor Meiji’s silver wedding anniversary (although Kinkon literally translates as “golden wedding anniversary” in English). It is said that Toshimaya was the first to initiate the now widespread tradition of breaking open sake barrels during wedding celebrations, due to the association with this historical event.


Kinkon sake has been awarded numerous gold prizes at the Annual Japan Sake Awards. It has also been used exclusively as the sacred sake offered at both the Meiji Jingu and Kanda Myojin Shrines for generations.


Note: Modern sake - Fruit driven, Floral, Aromatic | Classic sake - Rice umami driven, Earthy, Savoury

Note: All values (SMV and Acidity) are listed at time of production and can vary slightly depending on each season or batch.