Toshimaya Sake Brewery, Tokyo

Oku-no-kami sake is brewed with Hattan-nishiki sake rice from Hiroshima, and water sourced from Mt. Fuji via their own well. Oku-no-kami is a small-batch, unfiltered and undiluted, handcrafted sake with an aromantic character and a light flavour. Supplied mainly to restaurants around Tokyo, it is held in high regard among the locals as one of Tokyo’s best-kept secrets.


The gekko on the label represents the “guardian of the house” — which is the literal translation of Oku-no-kami — and reflects the desire for Toshimaya sake brewery to continue the age-old traditions of sake production. It was designed with the intention of safeguarding the prosperity of liquor stores and restaurants.


Note: Modern sake - Fruit driven, Floral, Aromatic | Classic sake - Rice umami driven, Earthy, Savoury

Note: All values (SMV and Acidity) are listed at time of production and can vary slightly depending on each season or batch.