Toshimaya Sake Brewery, Tokyo

Rita sake is brewed exclusively with Hattan-nishiki sake rice from Hiroshima, and water sourced from Mt. Fuji via their own well. Intended to showcase different yeast strains, creating a soft but umami-rich and vibrant sake, Rita sake is only available at Toshimaya’s Kanda store, and is regarded as the quintessential local sake of modern Tokyo.


The name Rita means “altruism”, evoking the spirit of being considerate and putting others before oneself. Acting in a way that benefits others, Toshimaya applies the same concept with their brewing to produce sake that brings people joy and comfort with every sip.


Note: Modern sake - Fruit driven, Floral, Aromatic | Classic sake - Rice umami driven, Earthy, Savoury

Note: All values (SMV and Acidity) are listed at time of production and can vary slightly depending on each season or batch.