Ise no Nami - Junmai Daiginjo 750ml

Ise no Nami - Junmai Daiginjo 750ml

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Gentle waves of tropical fruits with lingering floral aromas. Layers of fruit sweetness with hints of herbaceous and spice notes on the palate. Savoury depth with rice umami richness through to a refreshing clean finish.


Product Note: Ise no Nami (The waves of Ise) was inspired by the verse below from one of Japan’s ancient chronicles, the Nihon Shoki. Where the Sun Goddess Amaterasu speaks to the Princess Yamato-hime-no-mikoto during her quest to find a fitting site to enshrine for the Goddess:  

“This land of Ise, where a divine wind blows, is a land whose shores are washed by waves which hail from a distant utopia, a place from which all earthly wealth, wisdom, and life derive. It is one that has been blessed with natural beauty and delicious things aplenty. It is here that I wish to dwell.”

The packaging also features a variety of Ise-katagami patterns, a traditional craft of Suzuka.



  • Rice: -
  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 50% 
  • Yeast: -
  • SMV: -,
  • Acidity: -
  • Serving Temperature: Cold (10-15℃)


Food Pairing 

  • Fresh Seafood (Grilled, Sashimi)
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Buttered Vegetables (Green Bean, Asparagus)


Ise no Nami - Junmai Daiginjo
Shimizu Seizaburo Shoten
Brand Suzuka-gawa
Junmai Daiginjo
Region Mie, Japan
Ingredient Rice, Rice koji, Water, Yeast
ABV 16%
Standard Drinks (approx.) 9.48


Storage Instructions 

Store in fridge for optimal freshness and keep refrigerated after opening. To maintain quality, please consume as soon as possible after opening.