Jyo-tokuya - Yuzu Liqueur 720ml

Jyo-tokuya - Yuzu Liqueur 720ml

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Fresh yuzu aroma complemented by the mellow sweet note of  barley shochu. Refreshing yuzu taste that matches perfectly well with the honkaku barley shochu base balanced by the subtle bitterness and tartness of yuzu. Great with soda or on the rocks. Also perfect as a cocktail mixer.


Made with top grade yuzu and honkaku barley shochu as base, all sourced from Usa, Oita. This single origin yuzu liqueur perfectly harmonises the umami of barley shochu with the subtle bitterness and tartness of yuzu.



  • Fruit: Yuzu (Oita Grown)
  • Base: Honkaku Barley Shochu (Oita)
  • SMV: -
  • Acidity: -
  • Serving Temperature: Cold (10-15℃), Room (20℃)


Food Pairing 

  • Grilled Food, Fried Food, Seafood


Jyo-tokuya - Yuzu Liqueur
Jyotokuya Sake Brewery
Brand Jyo-tokuya
Classification Fruit Liqueur
Region Oita, Japan
Ingredient Honkaku Shochu (Barley), Yuzu Juice, Fructose
ABV 15%
Standard Drinks (approx.) 8.53


Storage Instructions

Store in cool dark places. To maintain quality, please consume as soon as possible after opening.