Oze-no-yukidoke - Yuzu Lemon Liqueur 720ml

Oze-no-yukidoke - Yuzu Lemon Liqueur 720ml

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Fresh yuzu aroma with a lingering lemon scent. Rich refreshing yuzu taste followed by the tartness of lemon. A good balance of both yuzu and lemon flavours with just enough sweetness. Enjoy chilled straight, on the rocks or with soda.



  • Fruit: Yuzu, Lemon
  • Base: Shochu
  • SMV: -
  • Acidity: -
  • Serving Temperature: Cold (10-15℃), Room (20℃)


Food Pairing 

  • Grilled Food, Fried Food, Seafood


Oze-no-yukidoke - Yuzu Lemon Liqueur
Ryujin Sake Brewery
Brand Oze-no-yukidoke
Classification Fruit Liqueur
Region Gunma, Japan
Ingredient Yuzu, Lemon, Shochu, Sugar
ABV 8%
Standard Drinks (approx.) 4.55


Storage Instructions

Store in cool dark places. To maintain quality, please consume as soon as possible after opening.