Yana-gawa - Himawari (Sunflower Seed Shochu) 720ml

Yana-gawa - Himawari (Sunflower Seed Shochu) 720ml

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The nuttiness of sunflower seed leaps out of the glass, with playful herbal undertones of fenugreek and dried black tea. Savoury and nutty on the palate without being overpowering, leaning into notes of malted rice, sesame cracker, dried raisins and pilsner malt. Slight mineral edge with a little bit of heat. Super fun and  interesting shochu with something new with every sip! 



  • Main ingredient: Barley, Sunflower Seed
  • Koji ingredient: Rice
  • Distillation Method: Single, Atmospheric
  • Serving Style: Hot Water, Water


Food Pairing 

  • Yakitori, Korean BBQ
  • Soba Noodle


Yana-gawa - Himawari (Sunflower Seed Shochu)
Yanagawa Sake Brewery
Brand Yana-gawa
Region Fukuoka, Japan

Barley, Sunflower Seed, Rice Koji, Water, Yeast

ABV 25%
Standard Drinks (approx.) 14.22


Storage Instructions 

Store in cool dark places. To maintain quality, please consume as soon as possible after opening.